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Genital Warts FAQ is the most visited site for questions and answers regarding HPV and Genital Warts. Every Genital Wart and HPV subject is covered here.

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"Although there is currently no "cure" for genital HPV infection, most cases are transient and clear themselves without medical intervention"
-Planned Parenthood - HPV More info...
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1. What do genital warts look like? 141
2. Can genital warts be popped, because i have small bumps on my scrotum and shaft that when pressed discharge and firm string of white like popping a pimple, also I have small white dots on my lips that have no texture unless i try to pop them, could this be a sign of warts. What are some symptoms of mild HPV. because pictures on the web seem a bit extreme and look like warts that have been untreated. Is there anywhere to look for an extensive image gallery. thanks 182
3. Is HPV curable? 194
4. What are the symptoms of HPV and genital warts? 84
5. I have a bump on the shaft of my penis but it has been there for at least ten months that I am sure of and has not changed or gotten any bigger that 50
6. What do genital warts inside the mouth look like? Are there photos? Is it possible to have small bumps inside your mouth that are not warts or oral cancer? 59
7. What do genital warts look like and what are the symptoms? 32
8. Hey everybody! Do genital warts go away w/o treatment and if so about how long does it take? 88
9. What do genetal warts in the mouth look like? 20
10. Is there anything I can purchase at my local drug or health store for treatment of what I think could possibly be genital warts? 72
11. I am a young sexually active female. Recently I have developed small bumps almost "pimple like" in my genital area. I got one before and it went away. they arent red or sore or open or pussing or anything and they are mostly external not near my inner area. Is this HPV or just bumps? 54
12. Is it possible to be infected with the HPV virus any other way then sex? 58
13. I noticed these little bumps like a couple of months ago on my penis, I thought nothing of it - well about after couple of months I saw little bumps o 32
14. How long does it take for genital warts to show up? 36
15. If I got HPV well into a committed relationship, does it mean my partner has cheated on me? 31
16. Is it possible for pearly penile papules to secrete tiny amounts of whiteish puss if attempted to be "popped" like common whiteheads on a person's face? 140
17. Which treatments would you recommend? 60
18. After you have been diagnosed with HPV, how is it possible to build a relationship without infecting someone else? 106
19. What is the incubation time for HPV? 30
20. Are all strains of HPV transferable to the mouth? 24
21. Can men catch HPV as easily as women? And what test to men do to find out if they have been exposed to HPV? 42
22. I have small warts outside of my mouth on upper lip are that are small from HPV. Are they contagious? Any remedies. Thanks? 42
23. Can I spread the virus to my partner even if no warts are present? 59
24. I am a virgin who has genetial warts, it is still hard for me to belive and accept. I was diagnosed by my gyno. and I looked online to compare pictures with what I have. I have looked at many pictures over the past 2 years but I have not seen anything that looks like what I have at all. Mine are very small and look more like the "pearly papules" could they really be something else? 61
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