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Are oral warts visible in your mouth or throat? do they cause any pain in your throat?


Here are all of the pictures I have found on the internet of oral warts and/or oral HPV. I hope they help answer some of your questions. Remember, there are many “normal” bumps in the oral cavity, but paranoia can really take a toll on you if you don’t know what you’re looking at. If you have any questions or if you would like to email me please do not hesitate. I will help as much as I can, and I will be glad to do it. My email address is eternaldevotion1@aol.com. I look forward to hearing from you.




























Butterbean - my name is Krissy and I have been to 3 different ear nose and throat specialists who all tell me that I do not have HPV in my mouth, but I keep getting new "bumps" that worry me day by day. Right now I have about 12-15 small bumps inside my lower lip. I can feel them by putting my tongue between my bottom teeth and my bottom lip. They are down by the thingy that connect the bottom lip to the gumline. I also have what started out as just 2 white dots that weren''t raised at all on the outside of my bottom lip, but after abotu 2 onths now they seem to be raised just a little bit. Nothin really noticable by others though...only I can see them unless I tighten my lip to stretch the skin and actually point them out to someone. My question is what have you experienced specifically and were you actually diagnosed with HPV in your mouth? Where in your mouth have you had warts and how did you get rid of them. I feel that if I find someone with a similar story then we could learn a lot from each other about this pain in the butt virus. If you want you can email me directly at eternaldevotion1@aol.com. Oh, by the way I was recently diagnosed with HPV "down there" and this has caused the sudden scare for what everyone seems to think is "rare" in the mouth. Any information you can share with me would be greatly appreciated. The docotr's say its nothing, but I have read too often people saying their doctor says everything is fine for a long time then one day the doctor says "Oh, I must have made a mistake". Please email me if you can.



I have noticed my oral outbreaks tend to be pretty painful initially. And yes, they are visible. They look just like the ones on your genitals.




Yes I would think oral warts would be visible in the mouth. I wouldn''t think they would cause any pain. Usually warts are just there. They go away on their own in about 6 to 8 months (oral or genital) but usually people want them taken care of and gone cause they are just annoying.
If you think you have oral warts go to your doctor or an ear,nose, and throat specialist. They would be very likely to tell what it is that you are worried about.




I too think I may have genital warts in my throat. It all started with a sore throat and swollen glands then I noticed a bump in the back of my throat that did not go away with the sore throat. A month later I notice three bumps on my uvula. I believe this is genital warts. I recommend going to a ENT or oral surgeon and have a biopsy done on them.



I had a wart on the uvula in the back of my throat (The thing that hangs down and looks like a punching bag). It was not painful, but it did tend to activate the gag reflex involuntarily. Warts can turn into cancer if not treated/removed. I had mine removed in an outpatient procedure. But learn from my experience. Make sure the doctor gives you a numbing gargle to use during the healing process. Because it is painful after it''s removed and until it heals. At least mine was.




The thing to do is this:

1. Eat one raw clove of garlic a day.
2. Drink fruit juice with a little ginger.
3. Drink good quality green tea.
4. A table spoon of cider vinegar in a glass of water a day.
5. Quit smoking.
6. Get as fit as you can
7. Learn to relax-maybe take up yoga.
8. Avoid crap food.

P.S: you will then perhaps find yourself in better shape than ever before, happier too. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise.



There is a test for oral HPV that just came out in early 2010. It''''s a saline swish that they then test for the virus. It''s offered by dentists, not GPs or E/N/T doctors.

It''s called OraRisk HPV test by a company called OralDNA Labs.

Participating dentists who live near you (if you are in the USA) can be found by entering your zipcode on their website, here is the link

Here is the OralLabs deion of their HPV test.

This test is VERY new, many people online are being laughed out of their family/General Practitioners'' office. The HPV-cancer link is only recently being taken seriously, and many GPs aren''t aware or don''t take it seriously. HPV related throat/cancer rates are skyrocketing in tandem with changes in sexual norms over the past 20 years check out any of the reputable online articles on hpv-throat cancer written in the past 5 years. This is being considered a bona fide epidemic by some Drs, so serious they are considering a campaign to increase the new HPV vaccine''s use universally.

Do not take this lightly. The oral-HPV question seems popular online but most are told "HPV transmission in the mouth is happens very infrequently" and their worries are ignored. DO NOT listen to ignorant, careless, or lazy doctors.






Butterbean - where in your mouth are the warts located? I have some painful warty looking bumps down the right side of my tongue. Going to see the oral surgeon soon, but just trying to prepare myself for what he might say. Everything I read on the sites on the internet say that oral warts are painless, but this set of bumps is constantly irritated and has a burning feeling.







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