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How effective is laser removal of genital warts?


I had the laser surgery treatment done in 1995, and the recovery is very painful. The reason I had to have the laser is that I didn''t know I had warts or how to take care of them.

I'm on this site today because I just found something this morning that I think is a wart, which is interesting since I haven't had one in 7 years. Hopefully this isn't a wart, because I want so badly to believe that I am one of those people who have one outbreak and never again...




I had this laser treatment done about 3 weeks ago. I believe that it has gotten rid of most if not all of my warts. The day after the surgery, I was slightly sore whenever I urinated, due to a wart that was next to my clitorus (spelling...?). Other than that, it didn''t hurt too bad.



I''ve heard that laser removal of genital warts works very well but is very expensive. Usually laser removal is used on warts that are very big in size or the warts that are found inside a female that can't be taken care of any other way. I would speak with your doctor to find the best method for you to get ride of the genital warts. Usually the warts go away on there own in 6 to 8 weeks, but most of the time a person does not want to wait that long because of the fact that something is there that usually isn't.

Hope this information helps.




I had the laser treatment done one month ago. So far it has been effective although very painful.





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