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Will it stop you from getting pregnant?


No. You can still have kids even if you have HPV. You''ll be fine! Hope this info helps. If you're still concerned talk with your doctor.




ALthought it is possible for a baby to get HPV during birth, this rarely happens.



when I first found out i was infected with hpv i felt my life was over. but its funny one of the first things the the doctors told me is don''t worry you can still have kids and live a normal life.



dont let the 3rd comment bother you that was really crude and indoubtedly a person who is very superficial.....



To the people who think this affects pregnancy...

I found out I had warts during my pregnancy, that hormone can cause break outs...but the only way to spread it to your child is if you dont get treated..i had mine burned off. and i had a completely healthy normal baby, so if you have it dont be afraid to get pregnant just watch to make sure you dont break out. And if you do make sure you get treated



If you have genital warts why would you want to get pregnant you could pass it on to your child




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