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Can you get HPV if you share the same towel (it has not been washed) with some one that has a genital wart?


it has been said that viruses dont live out side your body for more than split seconds so NO I dont think you can get it from towel or soaps.



I think you can. I have genital warts and am the only one that uses my towel. In recent months, I''ve developed a wart on my side, a wart on my forehead (near my scalp), and a wart on the back of my neck! The wart on my scalp went ahead, but the other two are still there. I am SUPER careful about touching them, for fear of spreading the virus. I have put a lot of thought into it, and I believe that the one from my forehead, at least, must have been transmitted from my towel.



I think the virus can be transmittied usuing the same towel..but who knows. My opinion is that doctors and scientist don''''t know enough enough about hpv especially in men...if you ask me hpv is worse than hiv...



The virus CAN live outside your body. It can be contracted from tanning beds also, if you are tanning with no bottoms on. Even after the tanning beds have been cleaned and sanitized, my doctor told me that they have done studies and still found the live virus on the beds. So yes it can. But check with your doctor just to be sure.



I think it depends on how long it has been since the infected person used the towel. I also think it depends on what kind of cells are on the towel. But, a virus such as HPV doesn''t live long outside the incubation of the body.




There are disputing arguments on this.

I personally wouldn''t use a towel - that another person used to dry myself - at least before it has dried or gone through the wash.



wut is wrong with you guys ..... you can only get hpv ... by skin to skin contact ... unless your towel is alive and has skin then thats the only way you would be getting it :)

I <3 me



No. I suppose it might be possible if the two of you got together and tried really hard to transmit it via a towelso just don''t do that.






I have heard arguments supporting both sides, I asked my doctor, and he said that with HPV virus they are very unsure, they cant even grow it in the lab. It is a tricky virus. I have known I have it for about two months now, I am super paranoid that I will pass it on to others in my house, especially my 3 yr old brother. Better safe than sorry...



Ok someone has to make a stand here, I''m tired of reading some other persons experience with this and some doctors knowledge of this. Lets try this... Everyone that is a virgin and has never had sex speak for us, the real ones that can prove it. Stand up for us, and seek a cure that's the only way, We will ever expose this. Otherwise this will not be cured or even brought up in a real resolve matter. Or people that have the power to do, do so. I'm not afraid of them hell 80% have or will what I got! Right? Huh C'mon now you have to at the very least consider, well they do, that there grandchildren or even they will contract this or have is this a..... let me put it this way if they dont do anything I can only assume that this is what caused the begining of the end.



From what iv''e read, hpv is contracted through skin to skin contact. the virus can only grow on certain surfaces. warts may appear in women and not in men because the man may just be a carrier and nothave warts as opposed to a women who has been exposed. others stds and can be contracted through sharing towels though. trich is a prime example.




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