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How long does it take for the warts to go away if you don''t treat them in any way?


i was recently diagnosed with HPV. shortly after my doctor''s visit (before I knew i had it) i developed warts. however, less than a month after they showed up, they are starting to go down. the first one is nearly completely gone.

however, i've noticed other people have had different experiences. your best bet is to just go see your doctor and explore your treatment options.(i'm going in a couple days) better safe than sorry.



sounds like a pharmaceutical representative / salesman / doctor / practitioner of western medicine cut+pasted an advertisement for a very expensive and ineffective treatment in order to create a loyal (and dependent) following for aldara cream. when a doctor seems a little too eager to advertise a drug that only works in 50% of the cases (requiring great health insurance, as it cost me over $300 for 12 teeny weeny single packets). . .when you suspect that your "doctor" is really just a pusher in a white coat, check his calendar, her pens, his magnets and notepads - if "aldara" is all over the office, run for the hills.

aldara made it worse. so I stopped taking all the pills i was prescribed (including wellbutrin, neurontin, aldara, and birth control) and instead of getting worse, the warts are finally starting to go away on their own.

iyengar yoga (not bikram, or yoga videos, or "flow" yoga, or "hot" yoga, or any of that other american crap) is great for getting rid of these little nasties. combine it with lots of healthy food and vitamins. get off unnecessary drugs and the nubbies will fade.



i had them and it got much worse but I still didnt go treat them, and they finally went away after 4 months.



i was a shamed to say anything but mine have got worse now iam expecting a baby ive hat to come clean I wished at 1st they would go away but just got bigger mines not near my hole but on my clit and is very painful whilst having sex ive had one lot of treatment but they returned and i dont know why as my new partner dosnt have them




I noticed a small wart about 15 months ago. They just started spreading and got worse and worse. I was too embarassed to go to the DR, mostly because I didn''t want to have to admit to myself that I had HPV. I recently decided to go and get them removed, but only last night I realized they were gone. All of them. They were in more than one spot too. I am not 100% sure that they were genital warts (again.. denial), but they all went away. After looking at various pictures, I am pretty sure that that's what they were, but honestly to my complete surprise they are all gone. I never went to any doctor or used any cream or anything. Good luck, hope they go away... but I wouldn't take the chance ever again, it took over a year.



There''s a possibility they could get worse.

No real way of telling... Mine got worse, I wish I would have treated them when I first noticed.



I didn''t want to ammit that I had it. I got it from my ex boyfriend who called me harassing me whenever he was horny to go have sex with him. He told me he was clean. They just get worse. You have to get them treated.



Most of the time, if you leave warts untreated, they only get bigger. If you have symptoms, go see your doctor right away. Ask him/her about Aldara (imiquimod) cream and see if it might be right for you.




my warts are small like acne bumps, while the big warts go away, smaller ones start to appear. its so annoying but im scared of acid. warts take 6-12 months to dissapper because your body is killing the virus but if they are left untreated the wart virus can spread and cause more, thats why you should get them treated



I am 100% at fault for getting HPV. I had sex with multiple partners for awhile now. The sad part is I cannot even pinpoint who I got it from. I developed a bump where the shaft and head meet. It started off small but grew in size and noticed seven other spots after awhile. I was really embarassed, but I knew I had to go see a doctor. When I went to my Family physician he told me they were nothing and I should be lucky its not Herpes, he gave me another doctors number to get them removed. This is when I found out I had HPV. She immediatly froze them off and gave me Aldara. They went away after a few days of being frozen. I still use the cream and am terrified to have sex with anyone. I do not want to spread this to anyone, which I am afraid by not knowing I already have. I dont know if I could ever have a normal relationship due to this problem.



I''''ve had hpv(genital warts) for about 2 years now. It hasn''t gotten better. I can''t go to the doctor cause I have no insurance. I''ve been using apple cider vinegar and peroxide to get rod of them myself. It works. Very well. I haven''t had a relationship for the longest time due to this. It def is a downer. But just make sure you eat well, dnt smoke, or do drugs cause that will dimenish ur immune system. Ur body will fight it off. Eventually. I know I got them frommy ex gf who was sleeping around on me behind myback. Dnt let it ruin ur life like I''ve let it ruin mine. Good luck and god speed lol




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