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Is it possible for a girl to spread the HPV virus to another guy, or can the guy only give it to the girl? If a girl cannot, how did my boyfriend get it?!?


person before me is correct



HPV is spread via skin-to-skin contact.

There are 3 types of symptoms from HPV, each brought up by a different strain of the virus: warts on the genitals, abnormal pap smear, or non-genital warts (like the ones on your hands or feet).

The genital types get transfered by touching genital skin to genital skin. A less direct way of transfer is possible, for example touching someone else''s genitals with your hands, and then touching your own, or vice versa. Oral sex can also transfer the genital types of HPV.

HPV does not travel/live in a man's sperm. (they've tested and found very small amounts in there, but that is not HPV's method of residence)

Non-genital types are transferred by touching warty skin to other skin. However, the skin here is much thicker, and there are no fluids to hold the virus-infected skin cells onto things, so transfer this way is much less contaminating. If you do touch someone's skin who has warts, don't make a big deal about it because the transfer is kind of rare, but you may want to wash your hands later. A less direct way of transfer is, for example, public showers. It is possible (though unlikely) to contract plantar warts (the ones on your feet) from walking barefoot through a wet public shower.

Always wash your hands, be careful of public surfaces, and just keep a clean lifestyle.

As for preventing transfer of the genital types, there is no way. You can use a condom to prevent other STDs, but HPV can still hang out in the skin in your pubic region, which will rub against that of your partner and possibly transfer the virus, if one of you is infected.








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