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I have round raised pinkish red bumps in the center of my tongue starting in the middle going to the back of my tongue. I also have large bumps all the way in the back and on each side of my tongue. what exactly do warts look like on the tongue. if they are warts, could of i had this virus fpr a while before i showed any visable signs? and also what do they do for treatment?


Don''t Stress. I have the exact same bumps and this is normal.These are most likely taste buds.



I have been freaking out about the same thing, the response mays sense,however,warts in the throat are not impossible,hpv is a virus with over 100 strands, 80% of women will contract one form by the age of 50. the virus can lead to warts in throat genital and anal area, and there is no definitive test to determine if you have the virus, only the signs and symptoms,good news most preoples imune system can keep the virus at bay,but pregnant women can have an outbreak of warts and never have had them,because there immune system is lowered. the risk of transmittin to the baby very rare,but a condition, if it is transmitted is warts in the throat..... not to say you or I have them,but im scared to, and the more you no the better.just refrain from oral sex,and use a condom,keep in mind that genital warts can be lazered off...and the reoccurance rate is small,if you have a healthy immune system, it could be worse...just talk to a gyno,or ent.good luck,and dont be depressed,just take action,



They are probably taste buds. That may sound odd to you at first, because those taste buds are ones you never really notice until you''re worried about something. But take it froms omeone who had a panic attack over finding them. You actually have very large taste buds at the very back of your tongue. If you're still worried, to see your doctor. He or she will probably tell you the same thing.




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