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Posted: 1/1/2003

Lets not beat ourselves up so much... :)

When I found out about my infection, I was very angry and ashamed for a long, long time. But then, I did some reading and learned how this virus can be completely asymptomatic in men.. The reason I was so angry, was that I always thought of myself as a responsible person, and would see a doctor to test for any STDs before starting any sort of intimate relationship. So, I get a clean bill of health from the Doc. and proceed to infect my partner/wife of 16 years with this virus cause there was and is no test designed for asymptomatic men. Six months into the relationship, 16 years ago, she got her first abnormal pap. And that was the first time both of us even heard of what the heck this was. I'm positive I gave it to her due to the time line of when we started having sex and the abnormal paps. I don't like that fact. But I'm done beating myself up over it. I took all reasonable precautions. I see alot of male bashing on some of the other HPV sites, but remember girls, men get this from women, and women get it from men. HPV is just a very sneaky little bug. And it now seems that alot of people have it. They just don't know it. So telling a future/potential sexual partner that you have HPV... "Got HPV?" .... wouldn't be a totally weird thing to say these days. Odds are pretty good, that they also have it. The bug, doesn't have morals. Its doesn't care if you're a good person or a bad person. Its a bug. We got it, and yes that sucks, but what can you do? And ultimately, HPV doesn't freaken kill people - its annoying at best. So, lighten up guys and gals. It wasn't your fault that you got it, and in many cases, it wasn't your fault that you gave it to someone. It's just a very sneaky little bug....


6/24/2003 -
I like the way you put it. It is a
serious disease not to be taken
lightly, but you made me feel a bit
better. True the virus does not have
morals. Thanks!!

6/28/2003 - brandon
You put in a very good way and You also
made me feel much better about having
this virus and I appreciate it

7/3/2003 - John
Well said.

7/17/2003 - Tina
Thanks! I need to hear that!

7/17/2003 -
hpv can kill women who get the high
risk types that cause cervical cancer
and that does kill people.

7/31/2003 12:44:18 AM - joe
hey you fucking bitch...if you or any
woman knowingly game me or another
person a disease, you'd be gambling
with your own life!

8/4/2003 6:34:37 PM - yeah
i'm still depressed.

8/7/2003 5:50:03 PM - Jim
My wife was a virgin when we married.
My only sexual contact was being raped
by a priest in the residential school.
Funny we both have HPV now and because
of stress, I have full blown warts to
deal with. Two guesses where they came

9/10/2003 8:20:35 PM -
hey joe...screw off... people like you
make me want to go out and spread this

9/11/2003 12:29:59 AM - C-
Joe, I am assuming that from the way
you are talking that you don't have any
STD's or have ever had one. If that is
the case then why are you on this
website. It's people like you who make
people with HPV more afraid to open up
and tell their partners that they were
infected with this. Lighten up. Don't
through stones because you may find out
that you live in a glass house.

9/23/2003 2:49:11 PM - LuvLife
YES! I'm so glad someone else has the
nerve to put it this way. HPV is a
nuisance. WAY too many people are
freaking out over next to nothing. If
you've got warts, get 'em treated.
When I hear people say "My life is
over" I want to puke. The American
self-esteem thing has become a bit
twisted. Nothing short of perfection,
right? Most sexually active people
have HPV. Let's stop acting like this
is something "devastating."

11/5/2003 12:02:27 PM -
I saw another doctor besides my
dermatologist, a urologist. He looked
at me as if I were a drama king when
I was acting as scared to death
about the fact of having it. He told me
that it was really nothing. And that it
was so "nothing-ish" that he didnt
give me any advice or clues of what
to expect in the future or anything. He
told me that even his brother had it
and that they used to tease him over
it in a "kind" way......Is he for real?

11/25/2003 10:22:39 AM - Lisa
I have just told the man of my dreams,
that I have HPV, I have been living
with it for a long time, and now I have
to get him to understand that it isn't
a death bed, just a nusciance...

11/25/2003 11:39:06 AM -
Lisa, if you believe it, he will believe it. Plus, if
you 2 are meant to be together - he wont
really care that much.

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