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Posted: 2/28/2003

How can me or my girlfriend have HPV?

Hello, I am so confused about my current status right now with this HPV infection. I have seen this small white looking spot or bump (whatever you call it) on the head of my penis for about 2 months. Finally, I go to a Urologist to check it out and he says its a wart. But I am still confused as to how I got infected with it because my girlfriend is the only partner I've been with and still am with for 1 1/2 years now. And I am her only one too.We lost our virginity to each other. How could I have caught the virus from my girl. How can she be carrying the virus. She hasn't gotten checked yet. That will be next month. But I am still super confused and it's really mind boggling. What is going on???


6/4/2003 - Andrea
Well, I believe that it can be
congenital...meaning, if you were born
to a mother that had genetal warts and
she gave birth to you naturally, you
could have had the disease since
birth. There are other non-sexual
ways to catch warts as well. If
you've ever gotten intimate enough
with another partner to be rubbing and
touching skin to skin, even hand to
genital contact, that could have
infected you.

7/6/2003 -
Andrea .. you are mostly right. Most
doctors agree that congenital is sooo
har to contract. Even if you do, it
WILL NOT be on the penis. Congential
will show up on the eyes or throat as
you pass through the birth canal. This
gentlemen contracted this from heavy
petting. I have a hundred or so hours
of reseach into this. What else does
one do when the get diagnosed?

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