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Posted: 4/21/2003

Growing up too fast

Hey I'm only 17 I was diagnosed about a week after my 17 birthday which was in the middle of this past febuary. I was shocked I'm still unsure exactly who I got it from but I do know I've had it for almost 2 years.It all started when i had a misscarriage in september of last year I went for my two week checkup and they said my cells were abnormal. I never went back to followup till this past febuary I was thinking it was pre cancer not an std. I was shocked ashamed and I felt dirty I mean I'm just a kidd. I've told no one not even my closest friends for I just dont know how. I pray that my immune system will fight it off so I can evetually really be with someone and have children. I try to convince myself that its not that bad and it aint the end of the word. I am thankful for this sit it shows me that i am not alone and other people understand. It also makes me thankful and scared at the same time 4 i have never had a cluster just one pimple every now and then so im scared of what can happen . But mad love and God Bless


7/14/2003 -
Just some personal advice. If you
ultimatly feel you need to tell your
friends, then you can, but in my
experience, hpv is a personal virus,
and I feel I do not need to tell even
my closest friends unless I am
planning on having sex with them, if
you know what I mean. If there not at
risk, then they don't need to know

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