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Posted: 9/29/2003

Whos had HPV for 4 years or more? is it gone yet?


9/29/2003 10:45:03 PM - micromist
i was exposed to the virus in in Aug
2002. Had symptoms in feb this year.
and glad to say that i am 100% clear
of the virus today.

9/29/2003 10:48:14 PM -
micromist--how do you know that you're
100% clear of the virus? I thought it
wasn't possible to know for sure
because testing negative doesn't mean
that you don't still have the virus in
the skin. Am I wrong?

9/30/2003 3:08:54 AM - micromist
I have no warts and my pap came back
NEG. i am told, i have no means of
transmitting it now. thats all that
matters. So long as its neg so long as
i cant transmit it, consider yourself
100% HPV free

9/30/2003 8:58:55 AM -
That's not what I heard micromist - not
to put a damper on you - (1) scientists
don't know for sure whether warts are
not contagious when they are dormant
and (2) the hpv that causes cervical
cancer (and probably the hpv they test
for in relation to a pap smear) is
different from the kind that causes
visible warts. In either case, I hope
you never get warts again... That at
least would be nice.

9/30/2003 6:11:48 PM -
I hate to be a downer but I was told
those tests aren't 100% accurate for
determining HPV. I'm glad you have no
warts but I think you are still at
risk to transmit unfortunately.

9/30/2003 8:05:34 PM -
i just came back for the international
conference for HPV. I dont know where
you get your source from, but current
info is that you dont have it for life
and you wont always be a carrier. sure
you might get it again, considering
80% of ppl have it! but a female and
consider herself HPV free if she is
neg in a pap over a 12 month period

9/30/2003 8:07:34 PM -
Its sad that there is so much old,
uneducated information out there, and
its unfortunate that there are dr's
out there that dont know what they are
talking about. Thats why i went out
and did the reserach myself. Cost me a
fortune but at least i know its dated

9/30/2003 8:42:44 PM - Craig
Can a male dispose of the virus as
well? Did they mention that in the

10/1/2003 1:17:46 PM - Tishka
this is all so confusing I just left my
OB/Gyn and I found that I had dysplasia
back 97 and the only known cause is HPV
so I think of all the people I could
have infected I've never had warts so I
just didnt know my pap has been normal
for 5 years now but I was just told
today that it still maybe possible to
pass it along to others .. to this
person that went to the convention
please tell me more cuz for me its been
5 years and my partner doesnt have it

10/1/2003 5:07:14 PM -
To the person that went to the
convention, if that news is true then
it is certainly good news. Would it
be possible to scan or post any of
this in print?? I would be grateful
as would many many others.

10/1/2003 5:10:27 PM -
I've always kind of thought that if
they never came back after a certain
time then your body has beaten the
virus rather than it just being
subdued. It would make sense that it
works just like any other virus like a
cold...but much slower progress due to
it being in the skin rather than
actually in your body. BUt I have no
proof to back this as I'm no doctor.

10/2/2003 9:58:37 AM -
Stranger things have happened. I think
as a rule viruses stay in your body,
but some bodies have super immune
systems that can really wipe them out.
I wish I had that kind of an immune

10/7/2003 5:53:40 PM - Candace
I was diagnosed with dysplasia in 1997
and have been clear for 7 years. My
doctor told me not to worry and that it
wasn't anything worth mentioning to my
partner. Then two months ago, I found
out I have warts. You can get more
then one strain. My doctor told me
that he treats atleast 3 women a day
that have warts......kinda scarry.

10/8/2003 7:47:21 AM - yy
Have you guys read HPV100 on this
website. They explain why you can be
negative on the test and still have

10/25/2003 11:37:19 PM - ltq
I was diagnosised 1998 and have not had
not had any symptoms since. My annual
paps have also been normal. I guess
I'm very lucky because I didn't stop
smoking or start exercising. No one
has definite answers or reasons. We're
all individuals, whos bodies are going
to react differently.

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