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Posted: 11/4/2003

Why don't pornstars have it?

I don't understand it. I don't really think 75% of the population has this virus or warts . Take this for example. Look at all the pornstars in the industry or at Jasmine St. Claire, the girl who did over 300 guys in one night. Have you seen any of these people on film with warts? I am a person who has only had sex one time with a condom. I developed warts a couple months afterward. Till this day Jasmine has probably had sex with over a thousand guys and is still doing film today. These are the people you would think that would have warts but no it has to happen to someone that just lost their virginity. I know this is not a good comparison to make but I'm just pissed off that it happened to me. I thought I was being super carful usng a condom with a girl I knew for 8 months before we had sex. There needs to be more education in school about this virus because all anyone talks about is protecting yourself from aids or the "clap". Now my life is doomed.


11/4/2003 10:14:28 PM - SL
i have only had sex with one person and
got HPV. It is SOOO frustrating because
it doesnt seem fair at all. But life
isnt fair. I would be willing to bet
pornstars have HPV and lord knows what
else, we just dont know it. I waited 9
months before having sex with my
boyfriend and managed to end up with
HPV. It is horrible and i wish i could
fix it, but i cant make it go away. So
good luck. And your life isnt doomed
i promise life goes on!

11/4/2003 10:15:35 PM -
I thought about this myself...I don't
get how this one hasn't brought down
the whole porn industry...does'nt make
sense. I've had sex with not many
people at all and I got it....not 100's
like other people have.

11/4/2003 10:18:07 PM - MKA
Forgot to add my initials to my
original post.

11/4/2003 10:25:01 PM - MKA
I just wished I had the invisible hpv.
I know these pornstars probably have
that type but damn I see the same ones
in alot of different films. You would
think they would get the visible type
sooner or later. I'm no porn freak but
it makes me wonder if they had some
kind of special immune system. I know
life goes on and right now I am trying
to do my best to get it back together.
I wish all you the best also.

11/4/2003 11:19:10 PM - niffer
hmm...I kinda think that pornstars
probably have to get tested before
having sex...

11/5/2003 12:04:44 AM -
I thought there was no test for hpv.
Do you know the hpv tests that
pornstars take?

11/5/2003 8:21:43 AM - randolph
Porn stars probably don't have warts
because they probably treat them. A
virus is something you cannot see . The
warts are not the virus themself they
are a product of the virus but hte
virus is likely to be in and around the
wart. Everyone has viruses whether they
are dormant or active is another thing.
You get rid of one through your immune
system then you come into contact with
a new strain and get it again. Porn
Star will probably be tested against
STDS aswell

11/5/2003 10:39:03 PM - Tracy
I do think porn stars have hpv, but no
one knows about it, kind of like no
one knows about me or you having it.
They are probably well aware of it in
the industry, but they couldn't let
the general public know about it
otherwise people would probably quit
watching Jasmine etc. HPV really isn't
that bad as soon as you get rid of the
warts and keep your immune system up
you won't even think about it.

11/6/2003 1:10:02 AM -
I mean who's to say porn stars don't
have it? They can get them zapped off
and continue with their trade. I don't
think that industry's so ethical they
declare HPV.

11/6/2003 1:10:57 AM -
Besides they wouldn't want to talk
about HPV because what a damper HPV is
on sex drive!! Who's going to get
horny watching a porn flic if they're
reminded of genital warts???

11/17/2003 8:06:59 PM - misspurre
they probably do, but skip making
films during an outbreak.pisses me off

11/20/2003 1:54:56 AM -
Hey I've thought about this one a lot as well.
It's really not fair but I agree they HAVE to be
treating them. I also agree that there isn't
enough education out there. But I actually
know people that believe warts are a minor
inconvinence...on their sex life...it's that type
of thinking that got you and I and a lot of
people into this situation--when someone
omits that detail--it's also that kind of
thinking that keeps the porn industry alive.

12/6/2003 4:57:04 PM -
I thought this was the end of my life
also. It is not though. Firstly don't
blame the girl you got it from. Chances
are she didn't know or was un-aware of
what it could cause with or without a
condom. We do not want to wish nasty
things on porn-stars but we really
don't know what they have. Since there
is really not an officail test for hpv
or warts except seeing them or a pap-we
won't know. They probably don't know

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