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Posted: 11/6/2003

Not a big deal

I was recently diagniosed with hpv. i went through the colposcope and biospy and i cried like a baby. i didn't understand what hpv was and the docs really didn't explain it properly. i just wanted to die. but then i hopped on this website and did some research. i started exercising more, taking vitamins (which i didn't care to do before) and i'm trying to quit smoking. that will be the hardest part! so when i went back for my leep procedure, i was not upset. i knew was going on. basically, i want to thank you guys. i probably would have cried again if i didn't know tons of people have it and it really not a big deal! it just makes you a more cautious, heathly person. everyone keep your head up...it's not the end of the world


11/6/2003 11:11:05 AM -
diagnosed and it's not a big deal...i
hate when i when mistakes...lol

11/6/2003 4:15:04 PM - Maggie
I'm glad that you found some solace in
educating yourself and that the people
here were a positive contribution to
your experience. Thanks for the words
of encouragement. Good luck to you.

11/7/2003 1:07:52 AM - kp
I had the same feelings as you. I
haven't yet gone to get treatment. I'm
at school right now and talking with
one of my professor I had last year.
She's a nurse and one of the only
people I think I feel comfortable
telling about this. She's going to help
me through this and I love you guys
here for helping me with my questions
too. This is an awesome site and you
all are the best part about it!!! :O)

11/7/2003 7:59:38 AM - yy
kp - just go to a doctor OK? Because
the warts are more likely to respond to
treatment quickly when you go soon.

11/10/2003 8:27:11 PM - SL
This site has helped me a lot too. At
first i thought my world was ending. It
was horrible... but after reading
everything and hearing what other people
have to say i got things more in
perspective. It is still really hard
for me to deal wtih - my boyfriend (who
gave it to me) isnt supportive at all...
but I know I will get better eventually
and Im not the only one going through
this. Good luck to you guys!

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