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Posted: 11/6/2003


I just read a post that states a person with genital warts should not shave. I for one can not go a week with out shaving let alone not shaving at all. Is there anything I can do, to avoid spreading any further warts when shaving, seeing that I go to my GYN almost 2-3 times a month and would feel really, really embarrassed to be saved.


11/6/2003 2:36:45 PM - niffer82
try trimming. Shaving spreads them,
its not an issue of rinsing off the
razor every few seconds either. Its
completely up to you, if you go for a
while without shaving, i bet you will
notice a difference in the speed at
which the warts appear and develop.
Maybe you wouldn't have to visit your
gyno so often if you didn't shave.

11/6/2003 4:30:13 PM - Maggie
If it's a matter of wanting to look
good for your guy, he should just be
nderstanding and not trip if you don't
shave for a while. The gynecologist
could care less if you are shaved or
not, so don't even consider that. If
it's just you and your vagina, then let
it go for a while. Wait until you heal
and then shave. :)

11/6/2003 5:48:07 PM - cwissy

Thank you maggie and niffer82. I will
try to follow what the both of you have

11/6/2003 9:22:37 PM - Tracy
You shouldn't shave the whole area,
but you can shave your bikini line if
they aren't in that area. I've been
diagnosed for 4 months and haven't had
any spreading, and have continued to
shave since diagnosed.

11/8/2003 5:27:52 AM -
I use an electric beard trimmer and I
havn't had a problem...I know how you
feel. Just because I have the virus
doesn't mean that I can't still feel

11/18/2003 11:03:03 PM - Star*
I noticed once I started shaveing that I
was getting tiny bumbs.. stupid me!

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