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Posted: 12/27/2003


What does it mean when your warts itch and what would happen if you scartch them? Is there anything I could use to make the itching stop? PLEASE HELP


12/27/2003 3:56:33 PM -
Itching is just a side effect of
warts... mine itch all the time. DO
some Vit E oil on them and it should
sooth the itching. Try not to think
about it. Take care

12/27/2003 11:31:14 PM -
thank you:)

12/28/2003 3:31:01 AM - Maggie
I think Vitamin E is better for healing
scars after you get treated for warts.
Use benadryl cream for immediate
relief. You can get it at Walgreen's,
Long's, Rite Aid...whatever. If that
doesn't help, try tea tree oil. Only
use 100% tea tree oil! It's all natural
and effective for relieving itch; it
could also help to dry your warts which
would help in the healing department.

12/29/2003 12:34:59 AM -
tea tree oil stops itching cause it
BURNS so bad you forget about the
itching ;) just kidding, it does
burn, but after a few minutes, the
burning and itching go away

12/29/2003 1:19:30 AM - DrM
Itching is an indication that you have
white blood cells hard at work at
something-it isn't a bad sign. Like
when you get a cut and it starts to
scab over-it itches. WBC release
histamines, an itch inducing agent. I
wouldn't use a hitamine blocker

12/30/2003 7:26:40 PM - Craig
good post DrM

1/5/2004 1:22:57 AM - - -
my doc told me it is best to not put
anything on them as they are spread by
skin-to-skin contact and it could just
make them worse. it's best to wait it
out, as best as you can, and get

1/6/2004 11:40:02 PM - Sarah
Yeah, if you possibly can it is
generally better to leave the skin
alone when there is an infection

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