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Posted: 3/22/2004


Can anyone please tell me why my warts are sooooo itchy and what this could mean for myself? Thanks


3/22/2004 2:52:51 PM -
You skin could be fighting the virus,
it usually causes itching. Also, if
you are on aldara, that will do it to

3/22/2004 4:11:51 PM - blondee
You could be getting new ones, you
could be fighting the virus. IT means
SOMETHING is going on :-)

3/22/2004 9:56:03 PM - Craig
The itching is a strange thing. My
gut always told me new ones were

3/22/2004 11:45:04 PM -
warts do not itch unless you are using
the Aldara sounds like herpes not warts
I would get a culture and a blood test
to be sure

3/23/2004 4:39:35 PM -
warts can to itch before you're using
aldera obviously a few of us have had
that experience

3/23/2004 5:08:33 PM - Joe
It's not herpes or at least I seriously
doubt it is. Aldara as a treatment can
cause itching and there have been
reports of itching in general when
warts are coming or going or just
present in general.

3/24/2004 12:28:25 AM -
Heck yeah, mine itched for months
before I found out what was wrong.
Even when I don't have warts in the
area it still itches. Just a symptom
of the virus for some people. Use
benedryl cream, it helps alot.

3/24/2004 11:47:01 AM - Nivea
Ummmm.... no I dont think so. I've
tested negative for Herpes. To everyone
else thanks for the giving me PROPER

3/24/2004 1:27:55 PM - Joe R.
I also have hpv. I notice my certain
part of my scrotum area, get irratated
while having sex. Not sure how to say
it......but when her wetness touches
the area, that area gets a lil stingy.

3/25/2004 12:32:57 AM - stacey
does anything else help for the itch
while using Aldera? Does the benadryl
cream help that discomfort as well?

3/26/2004 6:48:08 PM - laura
I haven't had any warts yet, as far as
I know I only have the cancer-causing
kind, but I COULD have the genital
warts b/c I got SEVERE itching for
about 2 weeks in duration. I
eventually couldn't even sleep, but I
had NO lesions there whatsoever. I got
tested for herpes and that was
negative. So, I started using
Cortizone creme. It worked wonders!

3/29/2004 11:58:24 PM -
Yes, benedryl also helps if you get
irritated from aldara. I carry a tube
in my purse, my life-saver!

4/12/2004 2:19:16 AM - Ash
i have lil white like bug bites pop up
on me like on my rectum area and on my
inner thighs and they itch really bad i
have been dignosed with low risk HPV is
this a symptom??? someone plz help if
you have had the same symptoms

4/14/2004 10:47:53 PM - Becky
Umm... I've read that itching MAY be a
symptom of some HPV-strain, but it is
also not a necessary symptom. It is
possible that an imbalance in genital
flora has lead to yeast-like or other
itching occurence. Hope this helps.

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