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Posted: 2/1/2005

Warts all over my body?

Hi, I was told that I had 'flat warts' on the back of both my legs when I was about five years old. They were frozen and didn't come back. Over the years I have had the odd wart here and there, including fingers, knees etc. But only ever one or two at a time. I froze them off and they stayed gone...A few years ago I apparently had one wart on my cervix? The first time I noticed I went for a papsmear and it came out fine, a month later I just hapened to have another papsmear and it came out that I had CIN2(or some such thing). I had my operation (lazer and cutting off some of the cervix) a few weeks later and it was much worse. A few years later I had bumps in my neck that I only recently realised could have been a form of HPV but I didn't have it checked coz it went away after a few months. THE QUESTION: Could it somehow be at all possible that these are all related? It just seems to me that I am getting warts all over?


2/1/2005 5:33:32 PM -
all warts are caused by hpv, they are
just different strains. so the warts
you had as a kid were in fact a strain
of hpv. you may just be susceptible to

2/1/2005 6:30:09 PM -
The hpv virus will get in wherever
there is an opening in the skin. where
the wart is generally is where the
virus is. Once you remove the lesion
or wart....everything goes back to

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