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Tea Tree Oil on HPV or Warts

Does Tea Tree oil help heal warts? Others have asked the same questions :


Questions regarding Tea Tree Oil:

Can you treat gential warts with aloe vera or tea tree oil?

I recently just read a lot of the replys and questions on here about Tea Tree Oil. I just cam eback from buy 100% austrailian tea tree oil and i was wondering what it is supposed to feel like. It feels like i put Icey Hot on my penis. I know that there must be some sort of reaction, but i was wonderign if this is normal ?

why is it that everyone on here is talking about using tea tree oil on these anal warts but dermatoligists freeze them or burn them or cut them off? does the tea tree oil not do as good of a job or what? also, is tea tree oil the best to use or is there something else better?

Tea Tree Oil? Hello All...first of all this is a great website and I am so glad there are others out there with the same problem I have. I just have a question about tea tree oil. Is there a certain kind I should use that is just pure tea tree oil or does it matter if other things are in the oil like rose hip oil and and some chemical stuff. I got this tea tree oil and it seems to be only for dry skin and fingernails....any advice?

I have had some strange bumps on my pubic for a long time. There are about 1-20 bumps a bit darker than the skin, i can say brownish. They don't change, grow or get smaller. I can see that there are hair grows out of them though they are not like the follucitis pictures I saw. They are bigger. There's no pain or itch. They are only in the pubic area not on the penis. Should I get worried? Can it be some kind of STD? Is there anything I can apply? (tea tree oil etc)

I have heard alot of response regarding tea tree oil. Can someone tell me how often to use it and when will I see some results?

Is Tea Tree Oil a good treatment for genital warts

I am planning on using tea tree oil to treat a wart that I have. What is the correct way to apply it?

Has anyone used tea tree oil to cure genital warts? If so how long does it take it to work I have been useing it for a week now.

Tea Tree Oil is by far the best and cheapest product out there (at one point I thought I was spotting, but the Aldara cream I'd been using as directed, burnt the hell out of me!). I've had warts disappear overnight-I was just wondering, can Tea Tree Oil be used for internal warts, too?

I have HPV & aldara never worked for me & it is way to expensive... I tried tea tree oil... THAT HURT it burnt so bad... I got this stuff on-line called Condysil that did'nt work... I had cryo surgery the idiot doctor missed some & my clit swelled almost 3x the normal size let me tell you walking around for a week like that was horrible) I have never been in so much pain I've tried repeated home remidies & nothing but taking a pair of (clean steril) toe nail clippers has worked & it barely hurt

I've heard not to buy stuff considered over the counter. What about Tea Tree Oil? Is it safe and is it only recommended for other types of warts?

i've had two unsuccessfull acid treatments, and have no medical insurance. i was thinking about trying tea tree oil and vitamin e, but not quite sure HOW to go about applying these methods. i only have ONE wart. any success stories?

even though i am dabbing warts with tea tree it seems that i may be spreading them ( maybe i am just finding more that were already there) given that tea tree anti viral is it possible that i am spreading them?

i was told by a doctor..that if your with the same partner..for at least three years..the symptoms..will go that true? i was also told to take prenatal vitamins.. i have also tryed tea tree oil..but havent noticed any changes there any other natural remedies out there?

Try applying Vitamin E and/or Tea Tree oil. There's information out there that points to these as very helpful in treating warts. Many of the treatments available online contain these ingredients.

I have heard you can get from wearing old clothes and sitting on toiliets.. but not sure about this. So be skeptical. I know one guy who had hpv and he was a little crazy. This guy would only have sex if his whole body was covered with a trash bag and also using a condom. I know it sounds a little paranoid but he was just being cautious. It really is hard to believe what works. I find myself going into health food stores and they offer different things. Some have suggested Tea Tree oil, rubbing raw potatos on the warts. Some suggest using homeopathics. The key is to read up. Go and spend a day at the library or bookstore getting different viewpoints.

Tea Tree Oil at GNC. Worked in 2 weeks twice a day.

Doesn't tea tree oil burn real bad?

My experience has been fairly painful with burning the warts off, when I eat mainly fruits and veggies as opposed to bleached flours and other foods that turn to sugars in my tummy (treats, rice, alchohol...etc)I find that the healing is quicker and also less warts occur. Definatly keeping your immune system up by exercize and eating right is important. Which is important for you anyway, so take it in stride. Also because of my hesitancy to use any chemicals on my body I've been using tea tree oil for the past week and am amazed. There are no icky wounds and also the warts gets smaller day by day....almost gone in fact....please stay that way.

I wouldn't recommend anything medical. My experience with acid, freezing, laser and aldara have been painful ones. I'm starting on the natural path once my vagina heals from the acid treatments/aldara. Tea tree oil, aloe vera gel and a healthy life style is the route I'm taking. I'll keep you posted..... Sunshine

I would recommend tea tree oil. This product may sting when you first apply it, but then it cools the entire area down and you will probably feel much better. -B

Many of the natural home remedy products out there contain tea tree oil. It has been said that tea tree has powerful anti-viral effects. You can find more information on this via

I have used Dr. Scholl's freeze away wart remover on my genital warts and it has worked well. Very fast acting, but one key part to remember about this method and any other method is That ONCE THE WART IS REMOVED AND YOU THINK IT'S GONE, THEN THAT'S THE TIME TO NAIL THAT AREA AGAIN! Too many times I have removed a wart only to see it come back in a month or two. This is why I always follow up with one last treatment even though it doesn't appear like you need it. Anyway, this has worked for me and I hope it helps someone else out there. Tea tree oil works pretty good too, just not as fast.



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